Hi, my name is Angela and I live in Pennsylvania. I have been creating jewelry for many years, as a hobby. I am a Ph.D student, work a challenging day job, and take care of our small Quarter horse. As you can imagine, making jewelry is a welcome creative outlet!

I create many types of ash jewelry, and can use human or pet cremains. I also create various styles of horse hair bracelets and rings. The amount of hair and ash do vary, and is typically listed on the individual item, and general info can be viewed on the FAQs page. Please remember that I cannot use human ash if you purchase through Etsy due to their policies.

I believe that we can offer something for every budget and style.
I know you may have a lot of choices. We treat every order in a professional manner. Rest assured that you beloved horse's hair, pet or human ashes will be treated with respect. You will not be disappointed!

I also have a shop on Etsy - Knot My Tail (www.etsy.com/knotmytail). If you feel more comfortable purchasing through that site, please feel free. (Be on the lookout for coupons!)