We know you may have questions, and we have answers! If you have any unanswered questions, please contact me at: knotmytail@yahoo.com

Q. Are you a real company?
A. Yes!  I am a licensed business owner, operating under Knot My Tail Memorials.

Q. Do you partner with other facilities or companies?
A. Not yet, but I am hoping to branch out. If you offer funeral or cremation services, please contact me and we can discuss a potential partnership.

Q. Is this your full time job?
A. No.I work full-time, and I am a Ph.D student. I want to create jewelry, but I do not need to. There is a big difference in attitude towards this company. I make jewelry because I love to do it!

All items on this site are purchased at the buyer's own risk. By purchasing an item (or items) from this site, you are holding Angela Sample of Knot My Tail Memorials harmless of ANY injury incurred by the jewelry.

Cancellations are NOT accepted. Please be sure that you want to go through with the process before purchasing an item.
Returns are NOT accepted, as all items are custom.
There are NO expressed warranties with any product.


Q. How long does the tail hair need to be?
A. I need at least 18 inches for an average sized bracelet. (Average being 7 inches.) For full choker neckalces, I will need up to 30 inches. (All hair in the bundle has to be that long.)

Q . How much tail hair do I need?
A. About the diameter of your ring finger. The more, the better. You would be very surprised at how much is thrown away. There are a lot of short, unusable strands in there! Take a close look at the hair that you are about to send off to me. You will see exactly what I mean.

Q. How should I collect it?
A. Using caution, please brush or comb your horse's tail, removing any mud or debris, knots, and tangles. (I cannot work with severly matted hair.) I suggest that you take hair from the underside of the tail, towards the base - because it is usually in better shape and will be long enough. Carefully cut the hair and bind the tail right away, with a rubber band at one end of the bunch.

Q. Should I wash the hair?
A. No. I will wash and treat it for you.

Q. How should I send it to you?
A. Please neatly tuck the hair in a plastic bag. Write your name on the bag.
It is recommended that you send it with tracking.

Q. Where do I send the tail hair? We will provide you with a mailing address upon order confirmation.

Q. I don't have a horse, but I want a bracelet. What do I do?
A. We have a variety of stock hair available (light, brown, grey, and black). You will just choose your stock hair color choice and braiding pattern when you purchase an item. (Options are available in the listings drop-list.)


Q. How long does the process take?
A. The braiding process takes at least 2 - 4 weeks after I have received your horse tail.
Please keep this in mind when placing an order. If you need a quicker turn around time, I may be able to accomodate you, so long as you just need a standard bracelet (i.e. no charms). The hold up is always because I am waiting on my supplier's to send charms and tags. I always keep silver end caps/clasps/etc on hand. So, if you need just a standard bracelet with the typical silver end caps/clasps, etc, I can get it to you rather quickly.

Q. Can you mix tails together?
A. Yes. And, this can be done a few ways, depending on your preference and the colors that you send to me. If the sets of tail hair that you send me are two or more distinct colors, I can weave it to produce a striping or spiraling pattern. If you do not think that you would like the look of that, I can create a blend of colors.

Q. Can you use human ash?
A. Yes. There are no restrictions when shopping on this site. I cannot sell human ash jewerly on Etsy, due to their policies. You must purchase human ash jewelry through this site.

Q. How much ash do you need?
A. That will vary, depending on the piece. However, in general, it is best to send a teaspoon for earrings and rings, and ta tablespoon for bracelets.


Q. Can I pay via check?
A. Sure. Please email me at info@knotmytail.com. We will work out the details!

Q. I want to order something for my friend as a gift. What should I do?
A. Order a gift certificate. I will contact you and send you an e-gift certificate.

Q. What do you do with the extra tail hair?
A. I sit outside most of the time when I am pulling/counting hairs, and discard the unusable ones on the ground. I either sweep them up and throw them out. Or, leave them for the birds to make nests out of.

Q. What should I do if I see a loose or stray hair on my horse hair jewelry?
A. I do everything in my power to remove short hairs, as they are hand counted. Occasionally... a few may sneak by me. The shorter hair could work its way loose with wear. If you see one, please DO NOT pull on it, as this may cause an issue with the integrity of the braid. Use fingernail clippers to VERY carefully snip JUST the stray hair. You may actually see that short hair pop out again. Eventually it will work its way up to the top of the braid, and once it does, you will never see it again.

Q. Can I wear it to swim, shower in, ride in, or get my horse hair jewelry wet?
A. No, I do not recommend that you get the bracelet wet or subject it to harsh chemicals or a rough environment. Remember - it is hair and can/will stain if you subject it to dark liquids, i.e. wine, coffee, oils, etc. Please care for it, as you would care for any fine jewelry. Your braid is made up of 300 or so individual hairs. Snagging a few of these hairs can be disatorous for your bracelet! When in doubt, don't wear it!

Q. Can I wear horse hair jewelry with other jewelry?
A. Use your best judgement. If you wear it next to something with sharp edges, be aware that those edges can snag the hair in the braid and make a mess of your bracelet!

Q. Are your items ok for kids?
A. Use your judgement. Because all items contain small parts, they are generall not recommended for kids.
Please keep all items away from small children and pets (including cats and dogs), as they may present a hazard, such as a choking hazard. By placing an order, and reading this, you are now aware of that. We are not accountable, liable, or responsible for any injuries, accidents, deaths, or any other incident that may occur with/to any living creature, including, but not limited to: children, adults, dogs, cats, horses, or other pets/animals.